Software for real-world robotics navigation

NavAbility takes care of the complex problem of understanding your environment,
so that you can focus on your game-changing robotics application.

Robotics, simplified

From open-source community through to hosted services and examples, our Navigation AI
tools lets you build your game-changing robotics applications right out of the gate.

Community Technology

The state-of-the-art NavAbility core is open-source and is maintained free, by us, for transparency and to keep advancing the technology.

Focus on Your Application

Our API's and SDK's let you focus on your application while we take care of the complex localization and navigation problem.

Managed Services

Use our cloud directly without installing a single thing on your robots or sensor platforms. Zero footprint, and end-to-end examples to get your started!

Application examples

But don’t take our word for it. Dive into real-world application examples that take you from the 10,000 ft problem all the way to executable solution code.

How it works

Our simple, cloud-powered API digests complex sensor data into actionable information, which you can extract through a powerful query language.

Built by necessity

Our community-driven technology was built by passionate people that use it every day. This drove our industry-leading feature set, including:

Join us

We build for you, and your feedback is important to us.
Join our community and be part of the democratization of robotics.